Our Experience

Since 2001, the Mettle Global group has worked with over 30% of ASX200 companies, 15 of the ASX50 and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Our team works across 30 countries annually, spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australasia.

Mettle’s multi-disciplinary team has decades of experience.  Our experts offer independent, impartial, and dependable advice and support to clients. Our partners and associates are highly respected, have exceptional pedigrees and are adept at identifying, reducing, and managing risk and improving organisational resilience.

Our clients trust Mettle to deliver proven and practical solutions to uncommon problems.

Our Practice Areas

Risk, Audits, Assurance, Assessments, Advisory, Analysis, Intelligence & Due Diligence (RAID)

Identifying and mitigating operational risk is the foundation of all business processes and planning. Our advisory service focuses on reducing risk and improving business resilience. Our RAID practice area also encompasses special projects and cyber resilience strategies, as well as due diligence and investigations, including the use of technical systems.

Planning, Leadership, Negotiation and Strategy (PLaNS)

Cogent, practical strategy and plans, delivered by informed and adaptive leaders and supported by relevant performance metrics are key to delivering integrated results. We prepare management teams to achieve this, even in operating environments characterised by ambiguity and complexity. Our process review & optimisation work ensures the most efficient and effective business operations.  

Crisis, Emergency and Business Continuity Management (CEM-BCM)

Trading as Mettle Crisis Leaders, this practice area focuses on  instituting sound preparatory measures ahead of critical incidents, and includes development and review of plans, and the conduct of training, workshops and exercises / simulations. CEM-BCM is a 'core capability' that must be built and maintained as a highly applied skill. Our proprietary business continuity plans and procedures are both pragmatic and practical and have been employed with great success by clients confronting the highest profile critical incidents globally.   Click here to learn more about Mettle Crisis Leaders.

Strategic Security Consulting and Advice  

Operating as The Security Cooperative (TSC), this practice area provides bespoke security and risk management solutions, tailored to our clients’ precise requirements. Since 2004, TSC’s leadership has supported a diverse range of clients in over 70 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australasia. TSC represents a decentralised but well-integrated global network of offices, affording our clients immediate local and regional access to our multi-disciplinary experts. In addition, our consultants are geographically, culturally, and socially oriented to each individual market. 

Cyber Solutions

Mettle Cyber Solutions specialises in clear, practical and proven cyber threat readiness and resilience management solutions.  Our point of difference is our ability to cut through the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) often associated with cyber threats and provide actionable recommendations to decision-makers to improve organisational capabilities in the area.  Click here to learn more about Mettle Cyber Solutions.  



"...an ability to cope well with difficulties; spirit and resilience; generally relating to teamwork"








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